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About our Office

College of Education Research & Development is a unit within the Dean’s Office of the College of Education & Human Development (CEHD) tasked with strategically leveraging resources to increase CEHD’s research competitiveness. The Research Development team works directly with faculty, Institute administration, strategic partners and funders to facilitate research program funding and award management.

Our Office’s mission is to serve faculty researchers as you conceptualize, develop, and write your proposals to federal agencies and other entities to seek funding for your research projects. We work across all disciplines, departments, and divisions within the College of Education & Human Development with the overarching goal of making the proposal as compelling and competitive as possible — and of making the proposal development process as straightforward and streamlined as possible and ensuring that the management of your award is an easy and stress-free process.

In addition to the management and coordination of the Pre-Award process, CERD Post-Award will assist you with the coordination of award documentation and manage post-award financial activities.

The CERD pre and post-award staff are happy to meet with you in your office to discuss any questions you have about your submission, project account, or outreach activities. Contact us.

To learn more about the research being conducted in the College of Education and Human Development including current projects, funding, research centers and departments, please  click here 

Pre Award Services


CERD Pre Award Contacts

Pre-Award Manager | Julie Svetlik | jsvetlik@tamu.edu | 845-4787

EAHR, EPSY, & TLAC contact Jason Foley | jason.foley@tamu.edu | 845-5353

HLKN contact Ann Savell | asavell@tamu.edu | 845-0398


Outreach Coordinator, Amy Jurica Hinnant | aggieamy@tamu.edu | 845-4979

SRS Pre Award Contacts

EAHR, EPSY, & TLAC contact Dennis Hoyle| dhoyle@tamu.edu | 458-3000

HLKN contact Laura Hill | laura.hill@tamu.edu | 458-4980

Forms & Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Submit a Proposal

Please send your proposal opportunity (attached files and/or links) to cehdpreaward@tamu.edu. Your Pre-Award Representative will review and confirm eligibility, TAMU’s eligibility, and the proposal deadline. The representative can provide more detailed instructions relevant to individual submissions. As soon as possible, please fill out the Proposal Notification Submission Form.  If you have questions about submitting a proposal or the process, please use the email link above to request a meeting in your office based to your availability.

Find a Funding Source



An enterprise-wide system that supports researchers and research administration.

  • Provide researchers with timely and accurate information. Manage research activities and establish collaborations.
  • Publish research key performance indicators for all TAMUS institutions and Board of Regents.
  • Streamline research administration processes to cut inefficiencies and improve turnaround time.



Provides researcher profiles and funding opportunities.

  • Pre-populated profiles of public literature databases, university websites, and online CVs.
  • Find potential collaborators with the desired expertise.
  • PIVOT Instructions

Undergraduate Student Research Initiative


The fundamental goal of the USRI is to give students an opportunity to learn to conduct research. Undergraduate student participants will learn scientific reasoning, research methods, theoretical principles, and scientific communication.

  • Give TAMU undergraduate students exposure conducting original research;
  • Raise awareness of studies in education, health, and the social sciences.
  • Promote interactions with CEHD faculty through immersion in the research environment.
  • To learn more about USRI, contact cehdpreaward@tamu.edu
  • Click Here to read Success Stories from 2017.
  • Applications are sent out every summer for each USRI cycle.



  • Catapult Grant funding supports the development of multi-disciplinary research-, teaching-, or outreach-focused projects that will make a large impact on your discipline, our community and/or our nation.
  • To learn more about Catapult Grants, email cehdpreaward@tamu.edu

Facilities and Administrative Costs

If it is necessary to waive Indirect Costs on your proposal, submit a request for Waiver of Indirect Costs by emailing cehdpreaward@tamu.edu. The waiver must include

  • The project’s benefit to A&M, state, and/or nation.
  • An abstract & budget
  • Submission date & pre-award contact
  • A percentage of time spent on and off campus, if applicable.

Proposals are routed after waiver approval, so start this process early.

F&A Rates

51.5% for on-campus time 26% for off-campus

(use of the off-campus rate requires VPR approval)


  • Proposal budgets must include tuition and fees for graduate students.
  • Standard pay for a graduate student is currently:  $1,750/month for a doctoral student and $1,100/month for a masters student.
  • Fringe Benefits – 18.5% of salary for faculty/staff and 11.0% for graduate students.
  • Medical Insurance – $771/month for faculty/staff and $558/month for graduate students.
  • See FAQ page to learn how to budget for a course buy out.
  • See the SRS Budget Development page for information and to download the Budget Spreadsheet in Excel


Boilerplate Information


About Texas A&M University

University Fact Sheets At a Glance (Rankings, Aggie Life, Academics & Research)

TAMU Recognitions 

Vision 2020 & the 12 Imperatives

CEHD At A Glance

For department specific information please email cehdpreaward@tamu.edu



Principal Investigator/Co-Principal Investigator Deadlines

Action Required

Notify RDO of any potential grant interest and/or particular RFP as soon as you find it.


Complete PI approvals and FCOI compliance for large center grants within one month of deadline.

Clarifying Notes

Submit large center grants or institutional training grants one month before deadline.

Action Required

For a complete review submit the Proposal Submission Form 3 weeks before the deadline.


Notify department chair of intent to submit and receive approval for course buyout, cost share, or space usage.

Clarifying Notes

Proposals containing sub-awards, unique requirements, or special permissions requests, submit the Proposal Submission Form by this deadline.

Action Required

Final versions of the budget and proposal materials are due seven business days before the deadline.

Clarifying Notes

Some proposals submitted here may only receive a limited review. They involve a full review of budgetary compliance and confirmation of documents required for submission.

RDO & SRS Deadlines

Action Required

RDO must submit proposals to SRS 5 business days before deadline. The 5 days include the proposal deadline day.

Clarifying Notes

RDO will serve as liaison between SRS and PI. PI must be accessible to RDO in case of problems or questions during this time.

Action Required

Proposals will receive authorization from SRS and be submitted to the sponsor.